Before working with TurboPhp, you need to define at least one project folder. A project folder is a folder on the local drive that is also accessible by a web server.

For example, under IIS, the default folder for web files is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot. We can create a folder under wwroot called turbophp that we will use for our projects. (Note: under Apache, the folder for web files is usually something like C:\Apache\htdocs).

Now our files are available on the path:


And are available from a web browser with the URL:


Projects are set up from the dialog shown by the File|Open Project... command from the menu (or the toolbar button). The Open Project dialog box is shown below:

Use the Open Project... dialog to create, edit, and select project folders.


When you select a project, the file explorer on the right side of the IDE displays the files in the folder.

Notice that we can arrange files in folders and subfolders.

The Example folder is expanded, and you can see there is one TurboPhp document there: Example.turbophp.

When Example.turbophp is published, the HTML and PHP files are put in the same folder as the source file. To prevent clutter, those files are not shown in the file explorer in the IDE.

TpLib.php and TpMySql.php are needed library files.